FAI Junior Cup Quarter Final

Mayo Super Cup----------Round 1

Mayo Premier Cup----------Round 1


Thurs 23rd July

Outstanding Fixtures



Connacht Cup---------Round 5

Connacht Shield----------Round 3


Thurs 30th July

Outstanding Fixtures


Sat 1st/Sun 2nd August

Mayo Super Cup----------Round 2

Mayo Premier Cup----------Round 2


Thurs 6th August

Outstanding Fixtures


8th/9th August

Connacht Cup----------Quarter Finals

Connacht Shield----------Quarter Finals

Mayo Premier Cup----------Quarter Finals



Thurs 13th August

League Two----------Round 1       

Outstanding Fixtures


15th/16th August

Super League----------Round 1

Premier League----------Round 1

League One----------Round 1

League Two----------Round 2



Thurs 20th August

Outstanding Fixtures


22nd/23rd August

FAI Junior Cup----------Semi-Final

Super League----------Round 2

Premier League----------Round 2

League One----------Round 2

League Two----------Round 3


Thurs 27th August

Outstanding Fixtures


29th/30th August

Super League----------Round 3

Premier League----------Round 3

League One----------Round 3

League Two----------Round 4


5th/6th September

FAI Junior Cup Final

Super League----------Round 4

Premier League----------Round 4

League One----------Round 4

League Two----------Round 5


12th/13th September

Super League----------Round 5

Premier League----------Round 5

League One----------Round 5

League Two----------Round 6


19th/20th September

Super League----------Round 6

Premier League----------Round 6

League One----------Round 6

League Two----------Round 7


26th/27th September

Super League----------Round 7

Premier League----------Round 7

League One----------Round 7

League Two----------Round 8


3rd/4th October

Super League----------Round 8

Premier League----------Round 8

League One----------Round 8

League Two----------Round 9


10th/11th October

Super League----------Round 9

Premier League----------Round 9

League One----------Round 9

League Two----------Round 10


17th/18th October

Super League & Premier League both divided into two groups of five (points accumulated after 9 rounds to be carried into groups)

If two teams are level on points positions will be determined by:

           1. Result of head to head

2. Play-off 


Mayo Super Cup----------Semi-Final

Mayo Premier Cup----------Semi-Final


24th/25th October

Super League----------Round 10

Premier League----------Round 10

League One----------Round 10

League Two----------Round 11


31st Oct/1st November

Super League----------Round 11

Premier League----------Round 11

League One----------Round 11

League Two----------Round 12


7th/8th November

Super League----------Round 12

Premier League----------Round 12

League One----------Round 12

League Two----------Round 13


14th/15th November

Super League----------Round 13

Premier League----------Round 13

League One----------Round 13

League Two----------Round 14


21st/22nd November

Super League----------Round 14

Premier League----------Round 14

League One----------Round 14

League Two----------Round 15


28th/29th November

Mayo Super Cup----------Final

Mayo Premier Cup----------Final



The above fixtures are subject to change


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