GAA clubs across the region are reminding their members to get registered by tonight’s deadline.

In the GAA's Official Guide under rule 2.1 (g), membership must be paid by the 31 March in order for the member to retain voting rights or be a member of a committee.

Clubs are currently unable to hold meetings or physically collect membership due to social distancing and travel restrictions in place.

They are asking members to pay online if possible, or to send completed forms to the club.

The GAA are unable to offer an extension to the deadline as it is in their official rulebook and can only be changed at Congress.

Rule 2.1 states that: Only a Full Member who has paid his annual Club subscription by the due date set by the Executive Committee of the Club (which shall be prior to March 31st each year) shall be eligible to vote at, nominate for, or seek election to the Executive Committee at any following General Meeting of the Club held up to and including the due date for payment of the annual Club subscription in the following Membership Year.


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