A proposal for an exclusive junior Championship in Mayo was passed at a county board meeting last night.

All 15 exclusive junior teams will participate in the junior A Championship.

This proposal was first raised a number of months ago by Paddy McNicholas and the Kiltimagh GAA club and Killala brought it on even further and it was passed last night by delegates at a county board meeting.

What this will now mean is that for 2020 you will have the senior and intermediate championship staying the same.

Then you will have exclusive junior A, Exclusive Junior B, then Junior A, Junior B and Junior C Championship for your second and third teams respectively.

All 15 exclusive junior teams will compete in the exclusive junior A championship next year.

From this the top 8 teams for the A championship and the bottom 7 will form the B championship.

There will be 3 groups of 4 and one group of 3.

Top 2 from each into quarter final and qualify for exclusive junior a championship in 2020.

The bottom 2 of the groups of 4 and bottom 1 of the group of 3 go into 2020 exclusive junior B championship.

The exclusive junior b championship will be played after top 2 from each group has been selected for quarter final in exclusive junior A.

There will be no promotion from this championship in 2020.

The proposed champiuonship for second teams shall remain unchanged.

Clubs second teams competing in the junior A, B, or C may regrade by one level to the next lowest grade of championship, exclusive junior a championship 2020.

So here is the proposed seeding for exclusive junior A Championship.

Seeded 1: Shrule/Glencorrib, Kilmaine, Kilmeena & Ardagh

Seeded 2: Kilmovee, Cill Chomain, Tourmakeady, Ballycroy

Seeded 3: Killala, Achill, Ballycastle, Eastern Gaels

Seeded 4: Moygownagh, Kilfian, Lacken


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