Mayo GAA Convention took place at The Park Hotel in Kiltimagh earlier today.  

The reports of the various officers were dealt with in the early part of Convention.

Treasurer Kevin O’Toole has confirmed that 2019 will be his last year.

There were no officer elections this year.

Motion 1 on playing U21 championship group games in Feb/March, passed.

The debating of motions has begun Motions 2 & 3 were withdrawn.

Motion 4 on guaranteeing teams in U21 championship minimum 3 games & split into A, B, C & D championship was passed.

Motion 5 on age grades in Hurling & Football be U18, U15 & U13 in championship, withdrawn.

Motion 6 on amalgamations complete by Jan 31st, passed.

Motion 8 on two national league games to be played in North Mayo, withdrawn.

Motion 9 on post primary C & D finals to be played in Croke Park, passed.

Motion 10, 11 & 12 referred to Co Board.

Motion 13 on club colours, passed.

Motion 14 on teams sticking to numbers as per match programme, referred to CCC.

Motion 15 on starred games, referred to CCC.

Motion 16 on 30 day refix date, referred to CCC.

Motion 17 on providing alternative re fix dates for club games, referred to CCC.

Motion 18 on games been played in temperatures exceeding 24 degrees have mandatory water breaks, passed.

Motion 19 on extra time notifications to clubs, withdrawn.

Motion 20 on forfeiting league games, referred to CCC.

Motion 21 on restructuring the adult leagues, referred to CCC


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