At a meeting of the League Management Committee on 4th December 2018 the following decisions were taken arising from suggestions put forward at the recent Players Forum.

These will be implemented for the 2019 season.

  • The season to commence on Sunday 3rd March 2019 with the 1st round of league matches.
  • Sunday kick-off times to be 11.00am----2.00pm or 11.30am----2.30pm
  • Formation of the league-----this will depend on the number of teams entered but all efforts to be made to avoid 5/6 team divisions.
  • No fixtures on Thursdays with the exception of outstanding matches, avoid long distance travelling.
  • Teams who play on Thursday not to play again until the Sunday.
  • League to give 2 week notice of fixtures (referees or kick-off times not to be included)-----this may not be possible all the time.
  • Bank Holiday weekends of June and August to be completely free from football, no friendly matches allowed.
  • Weekend of 17th March to be free also
  • Format for divisional cups-----where there are 10 teams in the competition, preliminary round of 2 matches with 6 byes, this sets up four quarter finals.
  • Preliminary rounds of divisional cups to be fixed for Sunday 10th March
  • Subsequent rounds of divisional cups to be played during the season leading to the finals in July and August
  • Mascots to be re-introduced for cup finals.
  • Double header cup finals to be staged where possible.
  • Connacht Gold Cup & Shield competitions to take place at end of league programme
  • Connacht Gold Cup competition to be comprised of 12 teams (10 super league teams plus the two promoted teams from the premier league). All remaining teams to be entered into the Connacht Shield competition.
  • Player of the month awards to be presented at matches during the season
  • Mayo County Team----- League to look at increasing interest in this.
  • Each club to appoint a Player Welfare Officer, this to be included on League Entry Form
  • Club officers to make players fully aware of the details of the League’s Personal Accident Insurance Policy.



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