Enoch Burke has described as “insulting” a suggestion that he be released from prison while Wilson’s Hospital School is closed for the summer holidays.

He was back before the High Court today for the latest review of his detention at Mountjoy Prison, where he’s being held for refusing to stay away from the school.

This is Enoch Burke’s second stint behind bars for refusing to obey a court order to stay away from Wilson’s Hospital School, and once again he declined the opportunity to secure his immediate release by refusing to give an undertaking to comply.

The school suggested looking into the possibility of him being released during the summer holidays with a view to reviewing the situation when the school reopens.

However, Mr. Burke described that as “insulting” and instead wanted the court to hear an application to set aside the order, which he described as “unsound.”

The judge refused, but agreed to sit later this month to hear submissions on whether he even has the jurisdiction to hear such an application.

In the meantime, Mr. Burke will remain in prison, unless he decides to purge his contempt.

(pic credit to Newstalk)


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