Yesterday on our lunchtime news we spoke to TUI President David Waters, about planned industrial action by TUI members at MSLETB over alleged breach of the teacher transfer agreement.

MSLETB have released the following statement on the matter. 


Mayo Sligo and Leitrim Education and Training Board (MSLETB) has taken note of the Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) announcement regarding planned industrial action in September.

 MSLETB expresses deep disappointment at this decision and urges the TUI to engage in renewed dialogue over the coming weeks to prevent unnecessary disruption to students and educators.

The disagreement revolves around implementing the 1999 TUI/IVEA Transfer Agreement. MSLETB confirms that it is fully compliant with all sectoral and national agreements.

 MSLETB has consistently applied the agreement successfully to several internal transfers.

 The TUI has a differing interpretation of one specific element of the agreement that impacts on one teacher.

MSLETB has engaged consistently with TUI regularly on this issue and again requests that the TUI utilises local policies and procedures to address the matter.

MSLETB believes that open and continuous dialogue is essential in addressing the concerns raised by our teachers and ensuring that all parties adhere to the collective agreement.

The priority for all must be the educational needs of our students, and we believe that all sides should work collaboratively to avoid this disruption.


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