(Pic - Galway RNLI fb page)

Galway RNLI was requested to launch by the Irish Coast Guard yesterday evening after a small boat was reported to be in difficulty off Blackrock in Salthill and three casualties ended up in the water.

The three people were brought safely onboard the lifeboat where they were assessed and casualty care was administered.

The lifeboat then returned to the station where volunteer shore crew were waiting to give assistance with first aid.

The casualties were then brought by ambulance to hospital for further treatment.

Afterwards the lifeboat and crew went back out to sea to secure the boat which was towed back to Galway Docks so that it would not be a hazard to other boats or water users.

Helm Dave Badger says the casualties were wearing lifejackets which gave them the best chance at staying afloat and being visible. Accidents happen and at any time you could end up in the water unexpectedly.

Wearing a lifejacket buys you precious time until help arrives. If correctly fitted and maintained it will help you to float and it dramatically increases your chances of survival.


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