There have now been 23 seats filled on Mayo County Council following the first count in the Ballina Local Electoral Area.

The recount in the Swinford LEA is taking place later today.

So far, there are four new councillors on Mayo County Council.

They are Alma Gallagher FG, Paul Lawless AON, Harry Barrett IND and Chris Maxwell II.

Those who failed to retain their seat include Martin McLoughlin FF and Christy Hyland IND. 

Here is the current make up as it stands for the forthcoming Mayo County Council:


Castlebar LEA – 7 seats filled:

Harry Barrett IND – elected on the 14th count

Cyril Burke FG – elected on 14th count

Ger Deere FG – elected on the 1st count

Blackie Gavin FF – elected on the 11th count

Donna Sheridan FG – elected on the 13th count

Michael Kilcoyne IND – elected on the 1st count

Al McDonnell FF – elected on the 14th count


Claremorris LEA – 6 seats filled:

Michael Burke FF – elected on 7th count

Richard Finn IND – elected on 3rd count

Alma Gallagher FG – elected on 6th count

Paul Lawless AON – elected on 7th count

Patsy O’Brien IND – elected on 1st count

Damien Ryan FF – elected on 6th count


Belmullet LEA – 3 seats filled:

Sean Carey FF – elected on 5th count

Gerry Coyle FG – elected on 4th count

Paul McNamara FF – elected on the 4th count


Westport LEA – 4 seats filled:

Peter Flynn FG – elected on 4th count

Chris Maxwell II – elected on 2nd count

Brendan Mulroy FF – elected on 5th count

Johno O’Malley IND – elected on 5th count


Swinford LEA – 1 seat of 4 filled:

Gerry Murray SF – elected on 3rd count


Ballina LEA – 2 seats of 6 filled:

John O’Hara FG – elected on 1st count

Mark Duffy IND – elected on 1st count


With this information, and seven seats remaining, here are how the seats are distributed by party:

Fianna Fáil – 7 seats

Fine Gael – 6 seats

Independents – 6 seats

Sinn Féin – 2 seats

Aontú – 1 seat

Independent Ireland – 1 seat


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