Yesterday, on our Lunchtime News, the issue was raised over plans for the N59 Newport to Derrada Road.

Westport Independent councillor Johno O’Malley told Midwest News that at a council meeting yesterday, council management informed the meeting that the project had been “stalled”.

According to council management, this was due to a lack of funding for the project.

However, Westport Fine Gael cllr Peter Flynn has since confirmed that the project will in fact go ahead.

Cllr Flynn has received this information from his party colleagues - Minister Alan Dillon and Deputy Michael Ring.

Despite this, cllr O’Malley insists that, according to information that has been shared with him today, the project won’t be going ahead.

Midwest News are awaiting a response from Mayo County Council with their stance on the situation.

Both Westport councillors spoke to Midwest Radio’s Rian Bailey on the issue on this afternoon’s Lunchtime News.

Firstly, cllr O’Malley recapped on yesterday’s meeting, when council management detailed that the project would not be going ahead as planned:


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