The need for a Europe-led approach to tackle the housing crisis is being highlighted by deputy  Barry Cowen, a Fianna Fáil candidate for the European Elections in this constituency – the Midlands North West. 

Housing has become a Europe-wide issue, and Deputy Cowen is backing calls from his Fianna Fáil colleague Barry Andrews for the introduction of a new EU Strategy on Housing. 

Last month, the MEP for Dublin outlined to the European Parliament the need for the establishment of a new European Commissioner on Housing and a special Committee on Housing. 

Deputy Cowen says the proposal has full party support from Fianna Fáil, and, if elected to Europe on June 7th, he will push for an EU Strategy on Housing when the Parliament begins its next term. 

“Housing has become an increasingly significant issue at European level, and it is an EU problem rather than an Irish one, he argues, with property prices soaring 40% across Europe since 2016,” Deputy Cowen said.

 “The latest EuroConstruct report states construction output in Ireland is predicted to increase by 4.4% this year - the strongest rate of growth among 19 European countries analysed. 


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