There’s more money to be got for the west of Ireland from Europe on convergence, that’s according to local Independent MEP Luke Ming Flanagan.

Speaking in Claremorris at the IFA/ Irish Farmers Journal open event for farmers to meet the European Parliament candidates in this constituency at the weekend, the Castlerea MEP stated that  “there’s probably another €100m, if we get proper CAP reform the next time, full convergence and a proper CRISS scheme.

“People will ask where will that money come from? It will come from the Golden Vale. Do I want to see their payments go down? Not particularly, but one thing for sure is if there’s only a certain amount in the pot, it should be evenly divided.

The way that I would help those people down south is, I would support an increased fund overall. But when that fund is increased it’s the same amount of money for every hectare.”

MEP Flanagan explained what convergence is to Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley…




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