On June 7th, the Local and European elections will take place and by 10pm on the same day polling stations across the country will close.

At that point, the voter’s impact on the 2024 Local and European Elections in this country is over and the boxes containing the votes are delivered to the various counting centres  - where the boxes will be opened from 9am on Saturday, June 8th.

 It’s then up to the hundreds of staff employed to count the votes and the various returning officers and their staff to oversee the process and deliver results.

Today we ask what happens to the vote we put into the ballot box after the polling booths close on Friday night, June 7th and why are some ballot papers rejected or deemed spoilt? and again we go to a man who has extensive experience and knowledge on how our PR - proportional representation system - democracy works – Padraig Hughes.

 Padraig is a former Mayo County Secretary, he has acted as Returning Officer for Urban, County and Dail elections and is involved in training for Returning officers nationally for many years.

  Where does our ballot paper go after we put it into the ballot box on Friday 7th



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