A Westport councillor insists the present government housing policy is failing “middle Ireland”.

Independent councillor Christy Hyland argues that the income bands now in place for a family/ individual to qualify for social housing are far too low and should be either abandoned or significantly raised.

Speaking at this week’s monthly meeting of Mayo County Council, councillor Hyland outlined the heartbreak of Westport parents, he witnessed while canvassing this month.

The parents’ son, in a well paid government job here, had recently emigrated to Canada with his girlfriend who also had a well paid job here, because between them they knew they would never qualify for a mortgage and their combined salaries ruled them out of acquiring social housing.

Cllr Hyland said this young couple were not an exception – similar stories, he said, can be told about young people across the county, opting to emigrate with their education and skills because they cannot save with the rising cost of rent, and realize they will not qualify for a mortgage without substantial savings.

He spoke to Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley about why he believes that the present government’s housing policy is failing middle Ireland…





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