Castlebar native Simeon Burke, brother of Enoch, has won his appeal against a public order conviction arising from his removal from a courtroom in the Four Courts.

Before ruling in his favour, the judge decided the prosecution hadn’t provided the allegation against him beyond a reasonable doubt.

On March 7 last year, Simeon Burke, Simeon Burke; his parents; brothers Enoch and Isaac; and sister Ammi were all forcibly removed from the Court of Appeal after what was described in another court as, “an uninterrupted continuum of unacceptable behaviour.”

Outside afterwards, Simeon was arrested and later convicted of a public order offence, for which he was fined €300.

Representing himself yesterday, the young law graduate cross-examined several Gardaí who accused him of being aggressive and of refusing to leave the courtroom when asked.

He denied their claims and argued they were not directed to remove him from the courtroom and therefore had no right to do so.

Judge John Martin agreed and before overturning his conviction, he decided the prosecution hadn’t proven its case against Simeon to the required standard.

(pic Newstalk)


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