Today marks one year since US President Joe Biden visited Ireland.

His trip, which culminated with his speech on a stage in front of St. Muradech’s Cathedral in Ballina, was broadcast worldwide and will live long in the memory of those who witnessed the event.

It was a year of great celebration for the town of Ballina, who were celebrating the town’s 300th year in existence – and what better way than to have President Biden return to his ancestral home and speak to an international audience.

However, in the past 12 months, a lot has changed.

President Biden has come under heavy criticism over the attitude of his administration towards Israeli military operations in Gaza, following Hamas’s attack and killing of over 1,000 people and taking hostage many others on October 7 2023.

In the most recent development on the US President’s involvement in the war, he is currently planning to hold a meeting with the leaders of G7 today – “to co-ordinate a united diplomatic response.”

Hamas has defended Iran's attack on Israel, calling it a "natural, right and a deserved response" - which it says has now 'concluded' the affair.

However, retired British Army chief - Richard Kemp - who's in Jerusalem - believes Israel has no option but to hit back - which would raise the stakes again.

(pic Newstalk)


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