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Provided the skies are clear this evening , skywatchers in county Mayo are said to have the best view in Europe of today’s partial solar eclipse.

Along the western seaboard the moon will eclipse more than 20 per cent of the sun.

The celestial display locally is scheduled for fifteen minutes or so, not long before sunset, from 7.55 p.m. onwards.

However, the regional weather forecast doesn’t look too promising for would-be observers.”

Met Eireann says “Rain clearing from the east this evening will be followed by clear spells and scattered showers”.

The forecast does, however, hold out a small splinter of hope of a clear spell.

Those living in Mexico and parts of the United States and Canada will experience a total eclipse.

The next partial solar eclipse which will be visible from Ireland is expected on March 29, 2025, when thirty to forty per cent of the sun's rays are expected to be blocked.

Those in Ireland hoping for the next full solar eclipse will have a long wait –September 23, 2090, to be precise, which means that only the very youngest of those alive today will be able to witness it.




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