The Mental Health Commission (MHC) has this morning published five inspection reports for approved inpatient mental health centres in Dublin, Galway, Mayo and Waterford.

The reports published today focus on the Adult Acute Mental Health Unit, University Hospital Galway; the Adult Mental Health Unit at Mayo University Hospital and An Coillín in Castlebar, Co. Mayo.

 Noting the increase in compliance ratings at the facilities at both MUH and UHG, the Director of Regulation at the Mental Health Commission, Gary Kiernan says that year-on-year increases in overall compliance demonstrate improvements in standards in services, which help to ensure that the safety and rights of patients are continually upheld.

Service providers and their teams are to be commended for their efforts in achieving these improvements.

However, he says, high risk non-compliances identified with the regulations on privacy, premises and risk management are particularly concerning as they impact on the safety, dignity and human rights of patients and are subject to the MHC’s continuous monitoring and enforcement processes.

Non-compliances observed during the inspections included

  • one high-risk noncompliance with the regulation on privacy at AMHU, University Hospital Galway
  • two high-risk non-compliances for the regulations on premises and risk management at An Coillín
  • one high risk non compliance for the regulation of premises at the MHU, Mayo University Hospital

The MHC requires corrective and preventive action plans (CAPAs) from all services where non-compliances are identified, each of which must address each non-compliance specifically.

The MHC monitors the implementation of these CAPAs on an ongoing basis and requests further information and action as necessary. 


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