Mayo Minister Dara Calleary has paid tribute to Foxford native Admiral William Brown.

Minister Calleary laid a wreath at Admiral Brown’s grave in Buenos Aires in Argentina.

He was there as part of a trip to Latin America for the Government’s St. Patrick’s Day missions.

Minister Calleary paid tribute saying:

“The memory of Admiral Brown is truly revered here in Argentina.

“This Foxford native is an Argentinean national hero.

“I was honoured to be able to visit his grave and reflect on the extraordinary journey that brought him from Foxford to here.”

He also distributed pins especially commissioned by the Admiral Brown Society in Foxford, which combine the Irish and Argentinean flags with an image of Admiral Brown.

He was joined by municipal leaders from the region of Argentina.

Minister Calleary continued to say:

“The work of the Admiral Brown Society in Foxford is sincerely appreciated and noticed in Argentina. Many people have mentioned seeing the celebrations in Foxford during the last World Cup.

“These links are crucial for Mayo and for Ireland and we must build on them ahead of the 250th anniversary of the Admirals birth in 2027.”



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