Despite being dismissed from his teaching role at Wilson’s Hospital School, the High Court has heard that Enoch Burke is still being paid his full salary.

Mr. Burke was back before the court today for the latest review of his detention at Mountjoy Prison, where he is being held for refusing to stay away from the school.

After being dismissed from Wilson’s Hospital School for gross misconduct, Enoch Burke refused to abide by a court order directing him to stay away from the school.

He spent 108 days in Mountjoy Prison for refusing to obey the order.

Daily fines of €700 were later imposed, but he continued to turn up following his release.

Last September, he was taken back to Mountjoy Prison, and today he refused to give an undertaking to purge his contempt, which would have secured his immediate release.

During today’s hearing, it was revealed that he is still being paid his full salary as he pursues an appeal against the school’s decision to fire him.

He has also not paid any fines or any of the costs incurred by the school during his failed legal battles to date.


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