Over 13,500 people were registered as homeless by the state in January, which has once again broken records.

Figures released by the Department of Housing today show that 9,504 adults were on the list.

Over 4,000 children were also in Emergency Accommodation in January.

In the West, consisting of Mayo, Galway and Roscommon, 419 adults and 234 children were in Emergency Accommodation.

The figure in the North West region was much less with 157 adults and 49 children shown for Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal.

The most common age of those homeless in both the West and North West reflected the trend of the country, with the 25-44 age category being the most prominent.

Galway continues to be the county in Connacht with the most people homeless with 310 recorded between the City and County Council records.

109 were homeless in the Mayo/ Roscommon bracket, followed by Sligo with 83.

(pic credit to Simon Communities)


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