Kevin Bakhurst has released more information about the exit packages of four members of RTE executive staff.

The Director General has released a statement following the news this week that former CFO Breda O'Keefe received an exit package of 450 thousand euro in 2020.

Kevin Bakhurst has previously received legal advice that is restricted from providing details regarding the departures of staff from RTÉ.

But he has decided, in the interest of transparency to clarify matters on the exits of four individuals.

Geraldine O’Leary retired from RTÉ, and her role as Director of Commercial, and did not receive an exit payment, according to the now Director General of the State Broadcaster.

It's also been revealed that he and Rory Coveney agreed that it was best that he stand down from his role as Director of Strategy and an exit payment was offered by RTE and he accepted it.

The figure of this payment is currently unknown.

The statement also shows the responsibility for strategy has passed to Adrian Lynch, with no additional compensation.

Paula Mullooly decided to leave her role as Director of Legal Affairs at RTÉ to pursue another opportunity and did not receive an exit payment either.

Following independent mediation, Richard Collins, the broadcasters former Chief Financial Officer, departed RTÉ by mutual agreement, with a binding confidentiality clause which cannot be breached.


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