The Quay Community Centre is currently being used as temporary accommodation for Ukrainian refugees in Westport.

This location is being used to house those fleeing war before they are provided with a more permanent dwelling elsewhere in the county.

As a result, a number of amenities have been lost and restricted in Westport for those that used the community centre.

One of the main sufferers of this lack of services is the local Meals on Wheels that used the kitchen at the community centre.

In response to this, local Councillor Peter Flynn has proposed a solution that would have further benefits to the county.

He has called for the Mary Robinson Centre in Ballina to be used as a new location for the temporary accommodation.

The centre has been vacant for two years now, according to Cllr Flynn, and the money that could be gained from the Department to house refugees could be used for the future upgrade of the building to standards required to be fully operational.

The Fine Gael representative has been speaking to Rian Bailey:


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