Nighttime restrictions in place on the Castlerea Public Water Supply this week have been lifted. 

The water restrictions were necessary to allow reservoir levels recover following power outages caused by Storm Isha. 

Ger Greally, Uisce Éireann’s Water Operations Lead, has thanked the community for their support and has asked them to continue to conserve water. 

“While the restrictions have been lifted and the network is recharging, it’s important that customers continue to be mindful of their water usage. 

“Small changes like not running taps needlessly, taking showers instead of baths all make a difference. For more simple but impactful ways to conserve water check out the Uisce Éireann website where our conservation calculator can help people work out how much water they are currently saving and how they can conserve even more.”

After the frost of last week, Uisce Éireann also reminded the public to check for leaks on outside taps or in sheds and other unoccupied premises and report any leaks they see in public areas so that they can be prioritised for repair. 



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