Thousands across the region are still without power this morning as the country still suffers in the aftermath of Storm Isha.

As of 8:45pm last night, ESB Networks stated that approximately 167,000 homes, businesses and farms had had their power restored.

However, some 68,000 were in darkness last night.

the ESB said that the areas where customers were without supply last night remained predominantly in  the North West of the country – including Sligo, Mayo, Leitrim, Donegal and Cavan.

ESB Networks are working to try and return power before Storm Jocelyn hits the region.

Meanwhile, on the ESB PowerCheck website, there are still many areas whose power is not planned to return until at least tomorrow.

In fact, there are areas of Ballaghaderreen, among others, that will be without power until Thursday evening.

More information is available at the ESB PowerCheck website.


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