Castlemacgarrett Estate is the site of the listed Castlemacgarrett House, and local Claremorris councillor Richard Finn is calling for clarification from Mayo County Council as to whether its enforcement or heritage officers have visited the site, where structural works appear to be underway following an application to develop modular housing for Ukrainian refugees at the location.

Councillor Finn raised this question, together with 30 additional questions, at the monthly meeting of Mayo County Council on Monday last. At that meeting, elected councillors unanimously supported a motion instructing Mayo County Council staff to immediately cease co-operation with the Dept of Integration until the necessary services and facilities are put in place to accommodate refugees and asylum seekers in the county.

Councillor Finn suggests that the entry of asylum seekers and refugees into Ireland at present is “a free for all” and he warned government representatives nationally and locally that if they fail to address community concerns around this issue, they will get what they deserve at the next general election.

The Independent councillor insists this is not a racist issue, but rather, an issue of government failure to provide necessary facilities and services for everyone.

More than 200 people attended a public meeting in Crossboyne, Claremorris on Saturday last over concerns around the proposal to develop modular housing for refugees at Castlemacgarrett.

Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley has been speaking to cllr Finn about his concerns around any proposal to develop modular housing for refugees at Castlemacgarrett...



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