Ireland West Airport have completed the installation of a new next-generation cabin baggage screening system which is now fully operational at the airport. Over the past two weeks, two of these cutting-edge screening systems were installed which is set to further enhance the passenger experience at the airport.

These new machines will remove the need for passengers to remove laptops and liquids from cabin bags and further speed up queue times.

With this new system, all liquids, gels, aerosols, creams, pastes, baby food, medicines and special dietary products that would previously have to be put into clear, sealed plastic bags and presented separately to hand luggage, can now remain packed in your hand luggage. With the installation of these new machines, the restriction on liquids of more than 100ml no longer applies, and passengers can travel with larger quantities of liquids if they fit into a cabin bag. In addition, electrical items such as laptops and tablets no longer have to be separately screened and can remain in cabin bags, which will come as welcome news for passengers using the airport.

The new system reduces touch points and will make the passenger journey through security even quicker and easier. 

As well as delivering the highest standards of security, by eliminating the need to remove electronic devices, liquids and gels from hand baggage, it eases a key passenger pain point and significantly improves the customer experience. The result is improvements to both the security screening process and operational efficiency. 

The project which required considerable planning took almost six months to complete and involved the installation of the latest security scanners by Rhode and Schwarz, and installation of EDS for Cabin Baggage C3 Xray technology by Smiths Detection, with an automated tray return system.

 This project forms part of an overall €6m investment in upgrading facilities at the airport this year which included the following key projects:


  1. Upgrade and resurfacing works in airport car parks
  2. Opening of a new Sláinte Barista Café
  3. Enhancements to our Shopwest Departures Retail Shop
  4. Runway End Safety Area works
  5. Progressing of the airport’s sustainability and environmental strategy to achieve ‘net zero’ for its carbon emissions by 2050
  6. Major upgrade of the airport’s electrical infrastructure
  7. Purchase of new fire tender vehicle and extension of Fire Station building
  8. Upgrade of the Oversized Baggage X-Ray System
  9. Upgrade of the Security Screening Access area




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