There are currently 1,523 people waiting for driving tests in Tuam. 


These figures have been released to the Aontú political party by the RSA, following a Parliamentary Question. 


222 people have been deemed 'not eligible' (This may be because the tester has not received the cert from the driving instructor to say the customer has done the 12 lessons).


There are 352 tests paused (This may be a case where the instructor has advised the client that they aren't ready and need to do more practice).


There are 201 tests scheduled and 748 waiting. 


Speaking in response to the data, Aontú representative for Tuam, Luke Silke, said that the RSA have confirmed to him that the wait time in Tuam is 22 weeks, and that if someone were to apply for a driving test in Tuam today they would be called in April 2024.


Mr. Silke says It's a shocking length to be waiting and has been giving more details to Midwest Radio’s Michael D. McAndrew.


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