An Irishman whose Greek born wife died after consuming sardines during the Rugby World Cup in September has revealed that legal action is pending against a wine bar and two hospitals that “inappropriately discharged her” when she became ill.

Marie Grypioti (32) tragically died because of botulism after dining with her husband Cathal Meehan at Tchin Tchin Wine Bar in Bordeaux.

Along with her Co. Mayo born husband, Ms. Grypioti was in Bordeaux for the starting game of Ireland’s Pool B matches against Romania on September 9.

Cathal Meehan and a friend, Andrew Clarke, who joined the couple in the wine bar, subsequently fell severely ill and were treated in hospital but has since recovered.

A GoFundMe online campaign has been started in order to finance legal action against the restaurant and hospitals involved.

Appealing for donations, Cathal Meehan has posted:”The passing of Marie has been incredibly heartbreaking and devastating.

“She was a kind, intelligent person who made friends everywhere she went. She was universally loved and a force of nature.

“Marie was my life partner, and I am unsure how I can move forward without her. She will always remain in our hearts and memories.

“We are pursuing charges against the restaurateur and the two hospitals that inappropriately discharged Marie.

“Marie deserves nothing less than justice. Those responsible for this tragic loss must be held accountable, and necessary systemic changes must be implemented to ensure that no other individual or family has to go through such a tragic event ever again.

“We can create a legacy for Marie that compels hospitals and restaurants to provide safer services. In Bordeaux we were joined in the restaurant by our friend Andrew Clarke who also fell severely ill. We're both now out of the hospital and recovering”.

A target of €100,000 has been set for the fundraising effort.

Cathal Meehan says he expects the legal process to be “lengthy and costly”.

Ms. Grypioti, a chemical laboratory scientist, lived in Paris with her husband.

She has been laid to rest in her native Athens.


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