There is an imminent danger of a housing estate in Westport collapsing into a public car park in the town, because the development – Monument View - is built on an embankment, that was to have a concrete retaining wall installed, but instead is being held up with a brick wall, built on top of a stone wall, according to Independent councillor Johno O’Malley.

The issue was again raised at a recent meeting of West Mayo Municipal District, where the councillor outlined the present situation where the green play area on the estate is blocked off as it is too dangerous for children to play in, the houses are separating inches away from the footpaths, and householders are forced to park their cars away from their homes due to a real danger that the embankment that the estate is built on will crumble and collapse.

Councillor O’Malley insists that Mayo County Council must intervene, saying the situation cannot be allowed to continue, if a disaster is to be avoided.

However, the estate is a private housing development, and the local authority claim it is not responsible.

Cllr O’Malley spoke to Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley about why he will continue to raise the plight of these residents with Mayo County Council despite the authority’s response to date…






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