An investigation into preliminary manslaughter has been opened by the Bordeaux public prosecutor’s office following the death of the wife of a Mayo man.

This comes following an outbreak of botulism at the Tchin Tchin Wine Bar in Bordeaux.

A 32 year old Greek woman died and her husband, from Mayo, is in intensive care in Paris, both due to suspected botulism.

A homemade sardine sauce is believed to be the source of the botulism, according to the Irish Independent.

The couples were in Bordeaux for the meeting of Ireland and Romania in the Rugby World Cup.

The Mayo man remains seriously ill and an Irish friend who also dined with the couple is in intensive care in Spain.

Currently, the number of people receiving medical attention is now 15.

Reports from the Irish Independent state that an investigation is being opened by Bordeaux authorities into homicide and involuntary injuries arising out of the incident.

The Irish Times details that a conviction for involuntary manslaughter can lead to five years imprisonment and a €75,000 fine.

The penalty for selling toxic or corrupt food products in France is up to €300,000.


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