A new study has found that Knock in County Mayo has has the oldest population of any town in Ireland.

Analysis of Census data by inteligence company Gamma also found that Saggart in Dublin and Cork's Watergrasshill has the youngest.

Gamma took a look at the towns in Ireland with over 1 thousand residents and analysed them to find out more about the country's population growth over the last 6 years.

They found that Knock in County Mayo was Ireland's so called oldest town with the average resident recorded as being 47 years of age.

Meanwhile, Watergrasshill in County Cork and Saggart in County Dublin emerged as the communities with the youngest population, with an average age of 30.

The findings were based on last year's Census figures and discovered that Dublin's Kinsealy-Drinan was found to be the most densly populated area with 8,401 people per square kilometre.

Dunshaughlin had the largest relative population growth, with the data showing that 65% more people live there now than in 2016.

Gamma also took a look at the number of adults who were still living at home with a 12 percent average across the country and Ardnacrusha in County Clare topping the list with 21 per cent of over 18s living with their parents


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