The woman who has died in France due to complications of botulism is married to an Irishman from the west of Ireland, it has been confirmed locally.

The woman’s husband is in intensive care in a hospital near Paris.

 Some of his family have travelled to France to be with him at his bedside.

 The couple have been living together in Paris since last May when they got married.

They travelled to Bordeaux for the game against Romania and dined together in the Tchin Tchin wine bar which has been linked to a serious outbreak of botulism amongst customers who consumed sardines there.

 On becoming ill, the pair returned to Paris where they checked into a hospital.

It is understood the woman who died is a native of Athens.

Her husband’s family have appealed to Irish fans returning from Bordeaux to be warned of the symptoms of botulism, a potentially life-threatening illness.


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