The Taoiseach says the recent spike in road-deaths is 'not a blip' and needs to be addressed.

Leo Varadkar says he's deeply concerned about the matter, and has written to the Garda Commissioner about greater enforcement.

He's also asking for a meeting of the ministerial committee on road safety, after a month marked by horrific tragedy on our roads.


Leo Varadkar says he's concerned we're now going backwards when it comes to road safety adding it needs further focus and attention.

He was responding by letter to the road safety group PARC who'd written to him outlining serious issues they felt had to be addressed urgently.

They also pointed out the extremely high number of road deaths for August ... which has been the highest in years.

The Taoiseach says he's spoken to the Garda Commissioner, Drew Harris about the need for greater enforcement,

and he's contacting Justice Minister Helen McEntee and Junior Minister Jack Chambers - suggesting they convene a meeting of the ministerial committee on road safety, which he's willing to chair.



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