There were 574 residential burglaries recorded in the North West region during Operation Thor Winter Phase 2022/23, according to an Garda Síochána.

That’s a decrease of 16.5% (688 residential burglaries) in comparison to the 2021/22 Winter Phase.

Nationally, the figure had a 21.6% decrease in the same period from 3,804 to 2,988 residential burglaries.

Between the Winter Phases, the 2022 Summer Phase recorded a national decrease from 3,804 to 3,067 which is a change of 2.8%.

The East, South and Dublin regions have all recorded decreases in residential burglaries across the three periods, however in the North West there was an increase from the 2022 Summer Phase (425) to the 2022/23 Winter Phase (574).

This shows an increase of 35%.

During the course of this latest Winter Phase of Operation Thor, there were 957 arrests, 1,440 charges, 1,279 searches, 22,655 checkpoints and 133,531 patrols.

Operation Thor commenced in 2015, and since its introduction there has been a 75% decrease in residential burglaries leading up until the Winter Phase 2022/23 – starting out at 12,057 in 2014/15, and lowering to the latest figure of 2,988.


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