The number of Irish people surviving after a cancer diagnosis is growing.

The National Cancer Strategy Implementation Report for 2022, shows that while cancer services are growing, the covid pandemic is still having an effect.


The Minister for Health has published the National Cancer Strategy Implementation Report for last year.

It says that an additional 172 staff have been recruited to our cancer services, a 20 per cent increase.

It also says that while the number of cancer incidences could double by 2045, we have 200,000 people in Ireland living with cancer after receiving a diagnoses.

3 million was allocated to cancer surgeries to try to get it back to pre Covid levels.

While 3.4 million of was spent on Rapid Access Clinics to try increase capacity and reduce wait times.

And 3 million was also given for chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

The National Cancer Strategy is running from 2017 to 2026 currently, meanwhile COVID still seems to be having its impact on cancer services.




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