Planning permission has been granted by Mayo County Council for Ireland's first multi-million euro green hydrogen production facility, to be located in Croaghaun West, Srahnakilly, near Bellacorrick.

Fine Gael deputy Alan Dillon says the green light for this development is very welcome.

Spearheaded by Constants Energy Limited, the deputy described the project as ground-breaking, promising immense benefits for the region, including job creation, economic growth, and a substantial contribution to meeting our climate ambitions.

 “Constants Energy Limited's dedication and vision are commendable, and I wholeheartedly congratulate them on this significant achievement.

 “Green hydrogen is the key to decarbonising our economy and advancing towards a cleaner and greener future. This project has the potential to revolutionise our region, just as oil and gas production has transformed regions like Houston, Texas and the Middle East.

“Mayo can become a hub for sustainable energy and lead the way in Ireland's transition to a low-carbon economy.”

He spoke to Midwest Radio’s Rian Bailey …


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