The latest JNLR Radio Listenership figures released this morning have again consolidated Midwest Radio’s position as the most popular local radio station in the region.  With a Listened yesterday figure of 61.8% and a Market Share figure of 54.9%.  

Midwest Radio continues to attract new listeners across all age profiles.

 The latest results have revealed that radio enjoys huge listenership with 91% of adults and 87% of 15-34 year-olds listening to radio every week.  Almost 3.3 million people listen to radio every week which is a record high.

 There is also a steady increase of listening through devices with 5.6% of all adults listening through a smart speaker while listening via a mobile device accounts for 3.3% of all radio listening.

 Commenting on today figures Midwest Radio’s Station Manager Tommy Marren said that radio remains the most popular platform for accessing information and that Midwest Radio continues to go from strength to strength…





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