Minister Dara Calleary has welcomed  Lithuanian Ambassador to Foxford NS this morning to mark Europe Day 2023.

Government Ministers and wider Oireachtas Members, accompanied by Ambassadors from European Union (EU) Member States in Ireland, will visit schools across the country to meet with young people to celebrate Europe Day - as part of the Blue Star programme.

Lithuanian Ambassador to Ireland Marijus Gudynas was chosen to visit Foxford NS.

The Minister and the Ambassador were given the opportunity to hear what Europe means to the young students of Foxford, and in turn, answered some of  their questions on Europe’s future.

Midwest Radio's Alannah Nolan began by speaking to Blue Star co-ordinators at Foxford NS -  Marie Murray and Helen Gordon, and they say that students have a greater understanding of how the EU works and what it means to be a part of it...



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