Castlebar native, Ammi Burke's High Court case has been thrown out after she refused to sit down and keep quiet while lawyers were making submissions challenging her claims.

The court had spent two days listening to her arguments as to why she thinks a ruling of the Workplace Relations Commission was unlawful.

 Ms. Burke claimed she was unfairly dismissed from her role at Arthur Cox, and after taking the law firm to the Workplace Relations Commission last year, the Adjudication Officer dismissed her case.

The High Court agreed to look into that decision but as the barrister representing the WRC was making submissions this afternoon, Ammi took to her feet accusing the judge of litigating on their behalf by giving them printouts of a relevant case.

The judge pointed out that both the WRC and Arthur Cox had already referred to the case. She said copies had been made available to all parties, including Ammi.

However, despite many requests to sit down and be quiet, Ammi continued to talk over everyone; repeatedly accusing the judge of assisting the others.

The judge described her behaviour as "appalling" but said she was willing to continue if Ammi agreed to behave.

Ammi refused to do so.

A written judgement on the reasons for the dismissal of her case will be made at a later date.


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