A defective block campaigner has called on the Government, and in particular Fianna Fail politicians, to advocate for those affected by Pyrite and Mice and to fix the many flaws in the current proposed scheme.

Paddy Diver says that our Fianna Fail TD’s and councillors should be pushing for a full 100% redress to rebuild their homes from their party colleague Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien.

Recently, homeowners in defective apartments in Dublin received 100% redress to fic and defects in their homes and scheme is true to 100% payment to fix faults, however the 100% redress for Mica and Pyrite affected homes isn’t sufficient to rebuild their homes fully.

As the defective block scheme stands, householders will receive redress up to a certain value, but it does not allow them to downside their homes and as a result, they are not able to afford to rebuild their homes.

Another issue with the proposed scheme, according to Mr Diver, is that while the scheme allows people to rebuild their homes, they are to be rebuilt on the old house foundations.

He argues that the concrete from which the foundations were made from would have come from the same quarry as the concrete used to make the blocks and there is a high possibility that Pyrite and Mica would be present in the foundations.

Paddy Diver has been speaking to Midwest Radio’s Alannah Nolan and began by saving those in affected apartments in Dublin received 100% redress because their local TD, the Housing Minister, pushed for it and our local FF TD’s should be doing the same ...


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