At present in Mayo there is a 74 percent failure rate of septic tanks inspected by Mayo County Council. With 30,000 homes in the county using septic tanks, this is a major threat to the environment, according to Westport based Fine Gael councillor Peter Flynn.
The failure statistic on septic tank inspections in the county was provided to members of the local authority’s monthly SPC meeting on the Environment.
Many householders who have faulty septic tanks, failed to register their septic tanks back in 2013/2014, and as a result doe not now qualify for the 5,000 euro grant available to address the septic tank problems.
Cllr Flynn has called for an amnesty for the households that failed to register their septic tank a decade ago, to do so now and be in a position to avail of the grant.
The motion is to be put before the full meeting of Mayo County Council on Monday next.
The councillor has been speaking to Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley about the scale of the faulty septic tank issue in the county....

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