Simeon Burke has been remanded in custody with consent to take up bail following his second court appearance for an alleged breach of the peace.

He was arrested a week ago after being ejected from the Court of Appeal where his older brother, Enoch, lost his appeal against orders of the High Court.

Martina and Sean Burke were back in court today, this time supporting another son, Simeon.

He's accused of a breach of the peace at the Four Courts this day last week.

All of the Burkes in court that day were forcibly removed by gardai, including Simeon, his parents, brothers, Enoch and Isaac, and sister, Ammi.

Today was just a quick remand hearing but Simeon tried to make an application in relation to what he described as his 'unlawful arrest.'

He claimed he was attacked by gardai and was being denied the opportunity to do his barrister exams because of his incarceration.

The judge simply told him that today wasn't the day for making applications and reminded him that there was no objection to him taking up bail if he so wished.

His parents were in court today. So too were Isaac and Ammi but the brief hearing passed off without incident and he's due back in court later this month.


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