Garda investigations are underway after an attempted robbery at a house in Belmullet yesterday.

Its reported that a number of persons wearing balaclavas entered a house on the edge of the Industrial Estate in Belmullet, about lunchtime, and entered a room where a member of the household was asleep.

On entering the room and seeing the householder, it appears the thieves were startled  and shouted to an accomplice upstairs in the house, and they took off.

They were said to be driving a silver coloured Audi.

There are no further details available on the incident as yet this morning.

However, gardai are appealing to anyone who may have noticed anything suspicious in the Belmullet area yesterday to contact them.

Later yesterday afternoon community alert group in county Roscommon were warning that a silver Audi A3 with three males were disturbed during a break-in to a house, in a location between Ballymurray, Roscommon and Rahara at about 3.30pm yesterday.  

Again there are no further details available.


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