Attempted break-ins to businesses can increase by up to 30% over bank holidays, with St. Patrick’s Day being no exception, according to security specialists Netwatch.

Carlow based Netwatch Ireland is a proactive video monitoring company that has been providing security services to businesses in Ireland, the UK and US since 2003.

This year to date, it has seen a 16% increase in attempted security breaches and anticipates this figure to almost double next weekend, during the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

Industries where materials and assets on-site are of high value will be of particular interest to criminals and Netwatch is urging these businesses to be aware of the potential risks to their premises when closed.  

It is providing these security tips for  businesses this St. Patrick’s Day weekend:

  1. Ensure there is someone responsible for the task of locking up on the Thursday before the long weekend.
  2. Revise your list of keyholder contacts in case of emergency and inform your security company of the new contacts.
  3. Ensure that if alarm systems are raised on your premises, you have personnel for alarm attendance.
  4. Secure all windows and doors.
  5. Conduct smoke testing on fire detection systems.
  6. Criminals tend to be lurking and investigating an area before committing a crime. Teach your employees to watch out for suspicious behaviour and be aware of their surroundings.
  7. Keep the perimeter well-lit to serve two purposes. It can prevent trips and falls and deters potentials trespassers.  Installing motion sensor flood lights will accomplish the same goals while conserving energy.
  8. If using CCTV cameras check that your footage is backing up successfully.  Often companies discover after a potential break-in that cameras have not been recording correctly.



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