Pilots are losing confidence in the government over a lack of action to stop drones affecting flights.

Dublin Airport had to shut down operations for about 30 minutes last night after a confirmed sighting. Captain Evan Cullen, a pilot himself, who says the serious safety implications of flying drones near planes need to be emphasised.

Captain Cullen says pilots are losing their trust in Ministers to get the problem dealt with.

Three flights had to be diverted yesterday, two to Shannon and one to Belfast - before returning to Dublin afterwards.

Dublin Airport spokesman Graeme McQueen wants to see people who are found guilty of this crime put behind bars for longer.

Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary was furious 500 of his passengers had to be inconvenienced yesterday.

He wants what is basically a laser gun brought in to take down the drones.

While the Public Expenditure Minister and Justice Minister have both said today the Government will take any steps it needs to in order to deal with this issue.



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