Almost 22,000 people over the age of 75 waited over 24 hours in an emergency department last year.

It's one in every nine people in this age-group who went to an ED in 2022.

Over 196,000 patients over the age of 75 went to a HSE emergency department last year.

The target is for them to be admitted or discharged within six hours - but that was achieved in less than a third of cases.

21,582 over-75s had to wait over 24 hours, according to freedom of information figures.

83 per cent of these were eventually admitted to a ward, with only 17 per cent discharged.

Of the over-75s who waited over 24 hours in an ED, 2,719 were in University Hospital Limerick - the worst in the country.

That's just 12 more than Cork University Hospital, while St Vincent's in Dublin had over 2,500.


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