The Ballina and Ukrainian communities stood together at an event in Ballina Arts Centre yesterday evening to mark one year since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

'The Face of War' consists of a poignant photo collection and video presentation compiled by Inna Kalinska and Natalia My row snitch enko, showing life in Ukraine from the first day of the war until the present day.

The aim of the exhibition is to raise public awareness about today’s life in Ukraine, with the aim of showing what kind of country Ukraine really is, what kind of people the Ukrainians are, and how they are fighting every day for their future.

Efforts are now underway to recruit a number of volunteers to teach English and participate in regular English conversation sessions with members of the Ukrainian community in the Ballina area, and to put in place transport options for those living in peripheral areas.

The exhibition, which depicts Ukraine before the war and since the conflict began, will remain open and free to the public until March 10 in Ballina Arts Centre.

Donations are encouraged to the Come Back Alive Foundation:


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