Rescuers in Turkey and Syria are facing freezing darkness, aftershocks and collapsing buildings, as they dig for survivors buried by a string of earthquakes that killed at least 4,800 people.

The confirmed death toll across the two countries has soared above 4,700 after a swarm of strong tremors near the Turkey-Syria border.

The largest tremor measured at a massive 7.8-magnitude.

Turkish and Syrian disaster response teams report more than 5,600 buildings have been flattened across several cities, including many multi-storey apartment blocks that were filled with sleeping residents when the first quake struck.

Through the night, survivors used their bare hands to pick over the twisted ruins of multi-storey apartment blocks, trying to save family, friends and anyone else.

UNICEF says children are always among the most vulnerable when disaster strikes.

Spokesperson James Elder believes an immediate global response is now a must in order to save lives...





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