Many mother and baby home survivors fear they may die before they receive justice for what happened to them.

It's been revealed six religious orders have not paid into a multi-million euro redress scheme - which is already behind schedule.

According to a report in the Irish Daily Mail, six religious orders have not contributed to an 800 million euro redress scheme for mother and baby home survivors.

It says the Government is hoping to appoint an external negotiator to resolve the problem.

TD Richard Boyd Barrett was born in a mother and baby home and he believes a negotiator is the wrong way to go.

Clodagh Malone was born in St Patrick's Mother and Baby Home in Dublin in 1970.

Her birth mother died in November last year, around the time the redress scheme was supposed to open.

She says for survivors, it's not about the money, but about seeking justice for what they were put through.

In November, the Children's Minister met with the six orders but said those discussions are confidential. His department was contacted today for comment on this report.



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